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International Conference on:

Renewable Energies, Power Systems and Green Inclusive Economy

REPS & GIE-2018

23-24 April, in High School of Technology ESTC, Casablanca, MOROCCO



"ICT for Regional Development" (TICDev), University Hassan II of Casablanca (UH2C) Morocco, Research Institute in Solar Energy and New Energies (IRESEN) & National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute"(MPEI)- Federation of Russia organize International Conference on Renewable Energies, Power Systems and Green Inclusive Economy (REPS & GIE-2018) in partnership with “Research Centre on Valorization of national Materials for the Protection of the Environment by Optimizing the Couplings of Renewable Energy Technologies and Treatment Processes of Water and Industrial Effluents”-UH2C and Research Centre GreenTIC-UH2C on 23-24 April 2018, CASABLANCA - MOROCCO.

Following the success of the two previous editions of the international colloquium "Renewable Energies and Green Jobs" as well as its interest to the scientific community and its impact on the promotion of renewable energies and in particular their impact on implementing green inclusive economy and sustainable development, the scientific and organizing committees have decided to transform it into an international conference under the theme of "Renewable Energies, Power Systems and Green Inclusive Economy" (REPS & GIE‐2018)



Ramalatha Marimuthu
Brown to Green Energy: Technoethical challenges in Sustainable Development

Parthasarathy Subashini
Application of Computational Intelligence for Energy Optimization

Carmen Nastase
The impacts of local community-based initiatives in sustainability

Dave Watson
Smart grids living labs



Claude Rochet
University of Versailles
Title: Smart cities governance and funding models

Nicolas Buchoud
Bandung Creative City Forum, Asia area
Think-tank Cercle of Grand Paris pour l'investissement Durable France
Title: Creative Economy and Energy Transition

Lan-Phuong PHAN
Renaissance Urbaine, Co-founder and partner, France
Title: Women leadership in promoting societal development

Gilles Betis
OrbiCité, France
Title: Smart Cities & Entrepreneurship

Joaquin chacon
Albufera Energy Storage Spain
Title:From Lithium-ion to new advanced battery technologies

Adil Gaoui
Stor-H, Aaqius
Title: Hydrogen as a future for Mobility, Marrakech Region use case

Tazeen Sharif
Ajman University, United Arab Emirates
Title: Small Changes, Big Impact

Call For Papers



‐ 31/01/2018 : Regular Paper Submission

‐ 18/02/2018 : Extended deadline for regular papers

‐ 15/02/2018 : Special Session paper submission

‐ 12/03/2018 : Notification of acceptance

‐ 23&24/04/2018 : Conference dates

1. All submissions should be written in English.

2. Submitted papers must be unpublished and not considered elsewhere for publication.

3. Only electronic submissions in PDF format will be considered.

4. Papers must be 6 pages, including references, figures and tables, according the IEEE format

5. All papers should be submitted to the REPS&GIE‐2018 EDAS online submission website.


Context & Scope


This edition of REPS & GIE‐2018 focuses on renewable energies and green inclusive economy. Perfectly in harmony with the commitments of Morocco and the Federations of Russia in the fields of energy, environment, green jobs and sustainable development, the themes addressed by this international conference are open to academic researchers and industrialists. This conference is part of a Moroccan‐Russian partnership aiming at the pooling of knowledge and technology transfer and is jointly organized by the UH2CTICDev research Centre and the MPEI institute. Its main objective is to select and present recent trends and progress in the field of renewable energies and power systems and the impact of these research fields on the creation of green economy at local and global scales. It is also a great opportunity to share the experiences and strengthen the networking and collaboration between academia and industry. It is also a step ahead trough the implementation of Morocco commitments at COP 21 and COP22, as well as the related commitments that have been declared and acted upon by the majority of global political decision‐makers. To this end, keynotes, invited lectures, high quality selected oral presentations and posters dealing with the conference thematic geared towards sustainable development will be presented. Issues related to scientific and technical achievements in renewable energies fields as well as their impacts on socio‐economic and socioprofessional sectors, including green inclusive economy promotion will be addressed.

Conference Tracks & Special Sessions


T1: Renewable & alternative energies production, transport and distribution

Co‐chairs Pr. O. Sabri, A. Magri and A. Bouazi

T2: Power Systems Control & Techniques

Co‐chairs Pr. K. Majdoub and R. Lajouad

T3: Platforms, Living Labs and industrial applications

Co‐chairs Pr. N. Belbounaguia and Y. El Kouari

T4: ICT, Energy Management and Mobile Apps

Co‐chairs Pr. H. Belhadaoui and M. Bezza

T5: Smart Grids

Co‐chairs Pr. A. Fakkar, M. Nahid and M. Aoufoussi

T6: Renewable Energies Storage

Co‐chairs Pr. H. El Fadil and B. Oukarfi,

T7: Energy laws, pricing, Governance, Green Inclusive Economy models

Co‐chairs Pr. S. Oukarfi, Z. Belkadi, and S. Mdarbi

T8: Energy Transition and Social Impacts

Co‐chairs Pr. S. El Maghribi, A. Ghazali and H. Simour

T9: Big Data, Crowdsourcing & security

Co‐chairs Pr. J. Andaloussi, L. Fetjah and M. Joundi

Co‐chairs Pr. A. Dandache and A. Ahaitouf

Co‐chairs Pr. M. Tabaa and E. Simeu

Co‐chairs Pr. Pr. G. Aniba and H. Sun,

Co‐chairs Pr. H. El fadil and A. Abouloifa

SS6: European Experience of green and renewable energy

Co‐chairs Pr. C. Nastase and A. Fartakh


Honor Committee

‐ M. S. Amzazi, Minister of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research, Morocco

‐ Pr. D. Mansouri, President of UH2C, Casablanca

‐ Pr. A. Badri, Director of ESTC, UH2C, Casablanca

‐ Pr. Victor K. Dragunov, Vice Rector, MPEI, Moscou

‐ M. B. Ikken, General Director of IRESEN, Morocco

General Chairs

‐ Pr. M. Rifi, EST, UH2C, Casablanca

‐ Pr. Pavel A. Kurbatov, MPEI, Moscou

‐ Pr. Elm. Kheddioui, EST, UH2C, Casablanca

TPC Chairs

‐ Pr. A. Hayar, ENSEM, UH2C, Casablanca

‐ Pr. A. El Fadili, FSTM, UH2C, Mohammedia

Best Papers Awards

‐ Pr. M. Lkhider, FSTM, UH2C, Mohammadia

‐ Pr. M. El Belkacemi, FS, UMV, Rabat

‐ Pr. K. Daissaoui, EMSI, Morocco

Keynotes & Invited Talks Chair

‐ Pr. Ramalatha Marimuthu IEEE SSIT Vice Chair, IEEE WIE Chair, Anna University India

PHD. Student committee

‐ Mme. S. Al Morabeti, RITM, ESTC, UH2C, Maroc

‐ Mr. M. Hanaoui, RITM, ESTC, UH2C, Maroc

‐ Mme. S. Hattan, RITM, ESTC, UH2C Maroc,

‐ Mme. B. Boujoudi, LPAMM, FSTM, UH2C, Maroc

‐ Mr. Z. Sabiri, LPAMM, FSTM, UH2C, Maroc

‐ Mr. M. Aazi, LPAMM, FSTM, UH2C, Maroc

‐ Mr. M. EL kaim Billah, TicDEV, UH2C, Maroc

Organizing committee

‐ Pr. A. El Alami Ahmed, ESTC, UH2C

‐ Pr. A. Essadki, ESTC, UH2C

‐ Pr. A. Moujib, FSTM, UH2C

‐ Pr. A. Sekkaki, FSAC UH2C

‐ Pr. B. Gourich, ESTC, UH2C

‐ Pr. H. Belhadaoui, UH2C

‐ Pr. J. Meziane, FSTM, UH2C

‐ Pr. Krolin Alexander Aleksandrovich, MPEI

‐ Pr. K. Alami, LPRI, EMSI Casablanca

‐ Pr. M. Yassafi, ESTC, UH2C, Casablanca

‐ Pr. Mikhail Tyagunov, MPEI

‐ Pr. R. EL Mrabet, IRESEN, Morocco

‐ Pr. Riyabova Tatyana Vasilivna, MPEI

‐ Pr. Rozanov Youri Konstantinovich, MPEI

‐ Pr. S. El Maghribi, FLSHM, UH2C

‐ Pr. S. Mdarbi, ESTC, UH2C

‐ Pr. S. Ouakrfi, FSJESAS, UH2C

‐ Pr. Tatyana Chapovalova Alexandrouna, MPEI

Scientific Committee

‐ Pr. A. Adib, FSTM, UH2C, Mohammedia

‐ Pr. A. Allouhi, EST, Usmba, Fès, Maroc

‐ Pr. A. Benbassou, EST, Usmba, Fès, Maroc

‐ Pr. A. Berdai, ENSEM, UH2C, Casablanca

‐ Pr. A. Bouazi, EST, UMS, Meknès, Morocco

‐ Pr. A. Derouich, EST, USMBA, Fès, Morocco

‐ Pr. A. El bacha, ENSA, UCA, Marrakech

‐ Pr. A. El Moutaouakil, ULSHM, Mohammedia, Morocco

‐ Pr. A. Elghazizal, EST, USMBA, Fès, Morocco

‐ Pr. A. Essadki, EST, UH2C, Casablanca

‐ Pr. A. Hakmaoui, FSJESAS, UH2C, Casablanca

‐ Pr. A. Jamil, EST, Usmba, Fès, Morocco

‐ Pr. A. Menou, AIAC, Nouceur, Morocco

‐ Pr. A. Sbaibi, FSTM, UH2C, Casablanca

‐ Pr. A. Sekkaki, FSAC UH2C Casablanca

‐ Pr. A. Wahabi, ESTC, UH2C, Casablanca

‐ Pr. Abdel fdil, FS, UMV, Rabat

‐ Pr. B. Bennani, FSJESAS, UH2C, Casablanca

‐ Pr. B. Falah, Akhawayn University, Ifrane

‐ Pr. B. Camara, Université du Havre, France

‐ Pr. B. Frikh, EST, USMBA, Fès

‐ Pr. D. El Kasmi, FSTM, UH2C, Mohammedia

‐ Pr. F. Cherkaoui, FS, UMV, Rabat

‐ Pr. H. Atmani, FSTM, UH2C, Casablanca

‐ Pr. H. Chaffoui, FSTM, UH2C, Casablanca

‐ Pr. H. Laala, FLSHM, UH2C, Casablanca

‐ Pr. J. Aoufi, AIAC, Nouceur, Morocco

‐ Pr. K. Alexander Aleksandrovich, MPEI Moscow

‐ Pr. K. Pavel Aleksandrovich, MPEI, Moscow

‐ Pr. L. Kun ,National Defense University, USA

‐ Pr. M. Assou, FSTM, UH2C, Mohammedia

‐ Pr. M. Aksira, FSTM, UH2C, Mohammedia

‐ Pr. M. Benzerar, FSTM, UH2C, Mohammedia

‐ Pr. M. Chami, INPT, UM5, Rabat, Morocco

‐ Pr. M. Filali Hilali, ESTC, UH2C, Casablanca

‐ Pr. M. Joundi, ESTC, UH2C, Casablanca

‐ Pr. M. Mikou, FSTS, UHI, Settat, Maroc

‐ Pr. N. Afifi, ESTC, UH2C, Casablanca

‐ Pr. N. Kamil, ESTC, UH2C, Casablanca

‐ Pr. R. Benbrahim, EST, USMBA, Fès

‐ Pr. R. EL Mrabet, IRESEN, Morocco

‐ Pr. Regrargui, FS, UMV, Rabat

‐ Pr. R. Elbachtiri, EST, Usmba, Fès

‐ Pr. R. Marimuthu, Anna University India

‐ Pr. R. Ouremchi, EST, Usmba, Fès, Morocco

‐ Pr. R. Tongia, Brookings Insititution CMU, India

‐ Pr. R. Youri Konstantinovich, MPEI, Moscow

‐ Pr. Riyabova Tatyana Vasilivna, MPEI, Moscow

‐ Pr. S. Aissaoui, FSJESAS, UH2C, Casablanca

‐ Pr. S. Lamrani, FSJESAS, UH2C, Casablanca

‐ Pr. S. Saadeddine, FSTM, UH2C, Casablanca

‐ Pr. S. El hajjaji, FS, UMV, Rabat

‐ Pr. T. Cha. Alexandrouna, MPEI Moscow

‐ Pr. T. Kouskou, SIAME, université de PAU

‐ Pr. W. Nejjar, FSJESAS, UH2C, Casablanca

‐ Pr. Y. Mir, FSTM, UH2C, Mohammedia

‐ Pr. Y. Sayouti, FSTM, UH2C, Mohammedia

‐ Pr. Y. Zeraouli, SIAME, université de PAU

‐ Pr. Z. Koalaga, FS, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

‐ Pr. Zougmoré, FS, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Special Sessions Chairs

- Pr. M. Zazoui, FSTM, UH2C, Mohammedia

- Pr. A. Fartakh, FSTM, ESTC, Casablanca

‐ Pr. M. Tabaa, LPRI, EMSI Casablanca

Exhibition Chair

- Mr. A. Ben Mkaddem, Business Developement Director, Still industrial & Corporate

- Pr. B. Fadli, ENCG, Casablanca

Conference publicity and relations Chair

- Pr. S. Jamil, FSTM, UH2C, Mohammadia

- Mr. Z. Fahim, BDE CASABLANCA Morocco

Sponsoring Committee

- Pr. M. Benbrahim, FSF, USMB, Morocco


Registration Fees

Registration before March 31th :

– Student : 1500 MAD (150€)

– Professor : 2000 MAD (200€)

– Industrial : 2500 MAD (250€)

– IEEE Student Member : 1200 MAD (120€)

– IEEE Professor Member : 1600 MAD (160€)

Registration After March 31th :

– Student : 2000 MAD (200€)

– Professor : 2500 MAD (250€)

– Industrial : 3000 MAD (300€)

– IEEE Student Member : 1700 MAD (170€)

– IEEE Professor Member : 2100 MAD (210€)

Registration (IEEE Member, non-IEEE Member, student) includes access to the sessions and the conference events (welcoming reception, lunches, coffee breaks).

All accepted and presented papers will be published in the conference proceedings and indexed by IEEE Xplore Digital Library and Scopus .

For students outside the city of Casablanca, the organizing committee has secured Students accommodation at ESTC (limited number). for those interested please contact Pr. Elm. Kheddioui GSM:+(212)‐661‐20‐95‐56.

the organizing committee has also negotiated a preferential rate for booking at the Mogador Marina hotel . for persons interested please contact Prof. Elm. Kheddioui to retrieve the booking code.

Please use the following Information:
*** BANK : ***
Bank name : Attijariwafa bank
Address : agence Abdelmoumen - Casablanca- MOROCCO
Account Number: 007 780 0002465000000474 90
Transfer motif: registration in Reps & Gie 2018 - Casablanca, MOROCCO
** All bank transfer fees are at congressist charge. **
To complete your registration at Reps & Gie'18 Conference, please send the copy of your bank transfer receipt to regstration.repsgie18@gmail.com
For Students, send a copy of student ID card and for IEEE members, send a copy of IEEE ID card.


The provisional conference program is available on Click here


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